Experience the beauty of brand new hardwood stairs, without the expense, headaches, or inconvenience.

Whether you’re in the market for brand new hardwood stairs, or are looking to replace an outdated staircase, Imperial Wood Flooring will help you find the perfect choice for your space.
We’ve helped homeowners and businesses throughout New York, New Jersey and beyond find the most beautiful, yet affordable, hardwood staircases that perfectly complement their existing decor. And, as a full-service shop, we’ll install your hardwood staircase for you, leaving you 100% satisfied, 100% of the time.

Before you install a new staircase, let our experts inspect your old one

If you’re looking to replace your existing hardwood staircase, we encourage you to allow us to determine if you need a replacement. Often times you can recapture the beauty and integrity of hardwood through refinishing and sanding, which is a quicker and less expensive investment. We’ll work hard to help you save money and effort. If refinishing and sanding will suffice in your unique situation, we’ll make sure you’re aware of it.

When you need or want a new hardwood staircase, Imperial is the answer

We’ll do all that we can to make this investment an easy process for you. We have an extensive inventory of hardwood to choose from. Hardwood stairs add class, style, and value to any residential or commercial property. Our goal is to make it possible for all of our customers to enjoy the benefits of hardwood.