Refinishing and Sanding hardwood floors can be a more cost effective way to redo your wood floors instead of replacing them.

Sometimes all a hardwood floor needs some sanding and refinishing to look beautiful once again. If your floors have started to lose their sheen and look dull and drab, it’s time to call the sanding and refinishing experts at Imperial Wood Flooring. Not only do we restore your floors, we also sand and refinish staircases. Let’s make sure the wooden stairs will compliment those newly sanded wood floors.
Sanding and refinishing helps to freshen the appearance of your room. The benefits of sanding and refinishing are, newer and smoother floor, easy to clean, and improves the lighting in the room. After floor sanding, the floor’s resistance to movement decreases. As the flooring remains even and leveled, it becomes hard for dust to collect in the floor. Sanding scrapes off the old layer, while bringing forth the new layer from below, which can help soak up stains. Hardwood floors should be sanded and refinished every 5-8 years to keep them looking brand new.
We use state-of-the-art equipment and materials to restore your old, scratched floor thoroughly and cleanly before applying the new finish or stain of your choice. You can be rest assured that we won’t trap any dirt or dust in your newly finished floor. Imperial Wood Flooring will make your home look beautiful and brand new once again.